Getting Through the Technical: Digital Photography Fundamentals

A guided photography workshop

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Digital Photography Fundamentals

Course opens: January 31, 2019
  • Brief Intro to Exposure - the why you need to know what this course offers
  • Equipment – helps you identify your camera and learns its limitations
  • Types of cameras; pros and cons of each
  • Types of sensors and how these limit your photo choices
  • Types of lenses and best uses for each type
  • Basic camera settings – white balance, file type, file naming
  • Deep Dive into Exposure – histogram made easy, Sunny 16 Rule, the trinity (ISO, aperture, shutter speed)
  • Focusing – explore autofocus modes, types of focus points, manual focus
  • Shooting modes – manual, semi-manual, automatic, creative
  • 90 days of unlimited access to the course
  • Average completion time is 12 hours
  • Limited class size to allow for one-on-one communication and feedback from your instructor
  • Course participants get access to the instructor via a unique course email with 1 business day response time

Carol  Fox Henrichs
Carol Fox Henrichs
Dr. Henrichs

About the instructor

I have my doctorate in education and technology with 20+ years conducting professional development, teaching online as well as face-to-face. Currently, I lead photo tours at photography ranches, teach Lightroom and photography courses online, speak at conferences and enjoy my encore career every chance I get. You can read more about me on my website at

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